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Divine Rivals
Divine Rivals
April 30, 2024
Elementary Nostalgia
Elementary Nostalgia
April 29, 2024

Does the sound of other chewing send you over the edge?


Many people usually get aggravated or annoyed with the sound of others chewing, but personally it just never affected me. 

It might be because I’m not easily annoyed or maybe just because my hearing kind of sucks, but I’ve never truly been affected by people’s chewing. 

I personally find the sound of people chewing more like white noise. It’s more comforting or just silently playing in the background of my daily life whenever  I am eating in public or with other people.

Now smacking is a bit different. When people choose to smack their food I must say it does mess with me a bit. But it doesn’t aggravate me to the point where I confront them about it.  But enough about me, how about you? Does the sound of others chewing send you over the edge?

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Niyla Moore, Staff Reporter
Niyla Moore has only recently joined the rampage, making this her first official year on the team. She spends a lot of her time playing video games and watching TV series. Niyla takes much interest in writing and hopes to broaden her skills and even turn her writing skills into a career. She loves to make friends of similar interests and she is also in the Hillcrest marching band and DND club.  If you ever see her in the hallways don't be afraid to shout and wave!

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