What is “Welcome Home?”


Niyla Moore, Staff Reporter

Welcome Home is an ARG (Alternate Reality Game), where most of it consists of a website created by the creator Clown Shaped Coffin

“Welcome Home” follows the story of an American Children’s puppet show created by fictional company Playfellow Workshop.

It is speculated that the first episode aired on October 11, 1969.

The Welcome Home website is made and controlled by the Welcome Home Restoration Team.

Welcome Home for the most part focuses on the neighbors/the show’s inhabitants. The setting itself for this TV show and Characters are colorful and happy.

The town of Welcome Home is called the Neighborhood with unique elements like a post office and a bodega, as well as the brightly colored neighbors that live in the Neighborhood. 

There are nine neighbors that live in the Neighborhood each with their own characteristics.

The Main Neighbor is called Wally Darling, He is the most artistic out of all the neighbors and he lives inside the big red house in the middle of the neighborhood. Wally has yellow fleece skin, and blue hair styled into a tall, spiraled pompadour.

The next neighbor is called Home and he is Wally Darling’s house. Home Speaks with onomatopoeias. For example he would say creak, boom, or slam. He uses his body (The house) to make these sounds.

The next neighbor is named Barnaby B Beagle. Barnaby is Wally Darling’s best friend and the funniest out of all the neighbors.

Barnaby is a big blue beagle with a couple of polka dots on him. Barnaby is depicted as the second largest neighbor out of all of them, and sometimes would have to be adjusted to be in frame with his other neighbors.

The next neighbor is named Julie Joyful. Julie is the Cheeriest neighbor out of everyone. She is also Frank’s best friend. 

Julie was a Rainbow Monster said to have come from within the forest that surrounds the outskirts of Welcome Home.

Julie normally wears a light red dress, which has a peter pan collar with a golden bow attached. It also has puffy sleeves and a white belt that is secured around her waist along with a circle golden buckle.

Julie also has long golden hair along with her rainbow monster horns.

The next neighbor is called Frank Frankly. Frank is the bookworm of the neighborhood and the smartest neighbor in the neighborhood as well. 

Frank is known as the grumpiest but he does have a hobby and expertise on butterflies. Frank is very slim along with grey skin and dark blue (almost black) hair. He has a long yellow nose, a thick unibrow, and red blush circles on his cheeks. His mouth is usually always upside down in a frown.

The next neighbor is named Eddie Dear. Eddie is the mailman for the neighborhood and he is a bit clumsy and forgetful, but he always delivers everyone’s mail right on time. He is reliable, kind, and determined. 

Eddie has dark yellow skin and red hair. He has a stocky build and an oblong face with a geometric, yellow nose and dark droopy eyes. He mostly wears his mailman uniform.

The next neighbor is named Sally Starlet. Sally is the most rambunctious neighbor in the neighborhood. Sally has a circular head ringed with yellow and orange spikes, meant to resemble the sun’s rays. Sally also has yellow skin meant to help her resemblance to the sun. 

The next neighbor is named Poppy Partridge. Poppy is the most frantic, frazzled, and feathered neighbor out of all the neighbors. Poppy is one of tallest neighbors and has a red pear shaped body along with large orange feet, large multicolored wings, a long neck covered in rainbow ruffles, and a small circular head with a rainbow mohawk of feathers.

And finally, the last neighbor goes by the name Howdy Pillar. Howdy is the friendliest and happiest shopkeeper in the neighborhood. Howdy runs a shop in the neighborhood and his shop is the only shop to be seen. He also knows his shop like the back of his hand.

Howdy is about the same height as Poppy. He has four arms and legs, green fleece skin, and blue hair styled into a pompadour. He has a large red nose, two red and yellow striped antennae, and small eyebrows.


All these neighbors live happily together in their neighborhood, but there are some cheeky and mysterious things that happen in the background. 

If you go to the official Welcome Home website you can find the dark secrets hidden behind everyone’s happy colors and faces.


And always know… Wally is always somewhere watching…